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Please click here to use our latest version of the Self-Grading Quiz Creator. This new version combines all of the versions linked at the bottom of this page into one tool, and allows you to offer anywhere from 2 to 6 answer choices.

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Welcome to Webwinder's Self-Grading Quiz Creator. Here you can create any one of several types of self-grading JavaScript quizzes -- complete with pop-up, printable report cards -- quickly and easily! You can create temporary quizzes for your children's homework assignments, create permanent quizzes and store them on your personal computer for later use, or upload them to your personal or commercial website to boost your site traffic (commercial sites must purchase commercial user rights at a cost of $25 per website -- which includes any number of quizzes. Please click here for commercial-use information). What's more, you can even choose your font type and color and your page and table background colors! Have fun!!

Choose from the following versions of the Self-Grading Quiz Creator:

Mulitiple Choice (A, B, C, D): This is your basic 4-selection multiple choice quiz.

Mulitiple Choice w/All/None (A, B, C, All of the above, None of the above): This multiple choice version includes "All of the above" and "None of the above" selections.

Mulitiple Choice w/References (A, B, C, D): This is your basic 4-selection multiple choice quiz that also returns a reference or explanation whenever the user gets a question wrong.

True or False (T or F): This is your basic True or False quiz.

Be sure to check back frequently for new versions of the Self-Grading Quiz Creator.

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