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Please click here to use our latest version of the Self-Grading Quiz Creator. This new version combines all of the types of this older version into one tool, and allows you to offer anywhere from 2 to 6 answer choices.

Multiple Choice Version w/Above
Step 1: Enter Questions. Enter the question, the three possible answers, and choose the correct answer from the pull-down menu. Then click the "Add to Quiz" button. Repeat for each question you would like included in your quiz.
Enter Question:
Enter Answer A:
Enter Answer B:
Enter Answer C:
Answer D:All of the Above
Answer E:None of the Above
Choose Letter of Correct Answer:
Step 2: Edit quiz contents if necessary. You can edit the quiz questions and answers below, just make sure the format remains the same (letter|...) and that you don't place any line breaks in any of the lines of text, i.e., don't use the return or enter key while editing. Be sure to periodically copy the contents of the field below, paste it into a text document, and save the document to your hard drive. If for some reason the field's text disappears, you can just paste the text back into the field from the text document on your hard drive.
Step 3: Give the quiz a name.
Enter Title of Quiz:
Step 4: Select your color preferences. Choose the font face and font and table background colors for each of the quiz sections. Note that you can enter hexidecimal color codes (#CC0000) in the field's provided, so long as you select "Other" from the pull-down menus. If you leave the default colors selected and create the quiz, you will then be able to see where each of the colors correspond to.
Page Background Color:If "Other," enter here:
Font Typeface:If "Other," enter here:
Font Color of Top Table Section:If "Other," enter here:
Color of Top Table Section:If "Other," enter here:
Font Color of Middle Table Text:If "Other," enter here:
Middle Table Color:If "Other," enter here:
Color of Question Section:If "Other," enter here:
Font Color of Answer Section:If "Other," enter here:
Color of Answer Section:If "Other," enter here:
Step 5: Create your quiz. Click on the "Create Quiz" button. This should create a working copy of your quiz. From there you can use the quiz, save the quiz page to your hard-drive for later use, or save the quiz and upload it to your website if you have one (commercial sites must license quizzes for a one-time fee of $25 per website -- which includes any number of quizzes). Please click here for commercial licensing information.
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